Our network

Ai.VEN network is an ecosystem of key partnerships both in Europe and internationally; and a medium for collaboration, enabling information and resources to flow seamlessly between its members.

Each member is involved in harnessing innovations in artificial intelligence and robotics to address the challenges of our time.


HUMaiN Global

Ai.VEN is also linked to HUMaiN Global, a leading ecosystem that advances innovation in ethical artificial intelligence and robotics for the good of humankind, and connect a broad community of experts who believe that developments in technology must serve to enrich our humanity and improve our world for the better.

As part of HUMaiN global, Ai.VEN benefits from The Robot Of The Year awards and its community of jury members. The jury gathers very high profiles in the artificial intelligence and robotics field with a wide range of expertise: scientists, entrepreneurs, economists, philosophers and sociologists from Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East.